Feed Lease

Shaver Stable horses need winter homes and you can help!  The feed lease option offers people an opportunity to feed and take care of a seasoned trail horse from October - May.  This is a great opportunity to enjoy a horse without the commitment of purchase.  

Feed leases are required to have the following ability to be considered:

1.) Horse experience - experience owning or leasing a horse for at least one year.

2.) Pasture or boarding facility for the horse (s).

3.) Trailer for transportation of horse or ability to borrow a trailer.

4.) Insurance on the horse for value and potential of horse should unexpected death occur.

5.) Signed lease agreement between Shaver Stable and you.

6.) Financial capability to take care of a horses feed and any vet interactions while in your care.

7.)  Horses are herd animals, it is recommended that you already own a horse or take two of ours.  :-)

Once you are approved to have the horse on feed lease, we will meet and discuss which horse(s) are right for you.  The stable owner will inspect your property and a date will be set for pick up.

Please call and speak with Gabrielle Kant to discuss your potential for a feed lease.  (559) 841-8500.

* Most of our horses have been placed for the 19/20 off season.  Send an email if you would like to discuss next season.