Guides and Horses

Gabrielle Kant, Owner


Welcome!  I am so blessed and happy to have horses in my life.  I had a late start with my journey in horsemanship but love every minute of these wonderful species.  I have lived in this area for 30 years and have a growing knowledge of the Central Sierra.  I look forward to riding with you!

Christie Marin, Corral Boss


I have been working with horses since I was a child and have spent a lot of time in the high country riding, guiding and packing for several mountain outfitters.  I look forward to a fun and rewarding summer at Shaver Stable.

Kimberly Cavazos, Guide


I rode a lot in my teen years on a special rescue horse named Buddy. Buddy showed me the love horses can give to their riders and I've been in love with horse life ever since!  

Emily Jennings, Guide


I am learning the trail riding business and enjoying every minute of working with horses and guests to have a great time!  Come ride with me.

Employment Opportunity!


Working at Shaver Stable can be extremely rewarding and fun.  Working with the horses is a great life experience and meeting new people expands skills beyond your wildest dreams.  Of course, there is shoveling poop, doctoring injuries, saddling, unsaddling and hauling hay!  If you want to work hard and enjoy it, send an email and we will contact you.